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Joshua Tree: A Desert Daydream

Words and Photos: Aiyanna Becker

On the wowie wicked wonderful weekend of February 21-23rd, staffers Simone and Aiyanna led a climbing/backpacking trip to the incredible rock formations of Joshua Tree National Park! Arriving Friday at various times in the eeeeeevening, they set up camp in BLM land about 20 minutes from our climbing site, Indian Cove. The land was supposed to be a dried lake, but there was indeed a lovely little lake, with some lovely lakefront property that we took advantage of. Here’s a photo from Friday’s sunset to give you an idea of the wonderment of this land:

Below is some of the camp on Saturday morning! Pretty pretty blue blue!

After a yummy breakfast of carbs including bagels, peanut butter, jelly, cream cheese, etc. and made their veggie sandwiches for lunch, they packed up camp and set out to Indian Cove! Indian Cove is essentially an area suuuuper densely packed with climbing routes, all located amidst the massive rock formations that Joshua Tree is famously known for. Taking the shape of a cove, it is a cut lil hub for climbers and certainly made the perfect hub for the crew on this trip! Since many members sought to hike around, we split up into a group of explorers and a group of climbers for Saturday.

Shown above are some of our climbers chillin! Yew!

Here is member Mackenzie sending this route ‘El Chapo’! This was Mackenzie’s first time climbing outdoors!

Simone and Lucas having a great ole time also on El Chapo!

A photo of Aiyanna and Mackenzie before Mackenzie climbed ‘The Sand Donkey’!

After a full day of climbing and exploring, the crew headed back to the campsite and cooked up some super yummy burritos, relaxed and got some good sleep for the adventures to follow on Sunday!

On Sunday, Aiyanna’s mom and brother (and puppy) came out as they are experienced climbers themselves! They helped out with belaying so more members could climb more routes! Many members hadn’t climbed before, but checked out excursion climbing gear for the trip anyway and ended up sending some sick climbs! If you’ve never climbed before, these excursion trips are a great way to explore the realm of rock climbing. Every route is like its own little puzzle, except these puzzles are out in the beautiful nature and moving your body is an integral part of figuring them out! So if you’re a fan of puzzles, or nature, or moving your body, or have the desire to be a fan of any of these, try it out!

Here’s a photo of Eugene making his way up The Sand Donkey!

After the climbing extravaganza, everyone headed into Joshua Tree National Park (main entrance) to see some cutie joshua trees (growing to be up to 40 feet tall!!!) and the magnificent formations of rocks all around. Some more climbing also took place for those who were stoked on the rocks.

Overall it was a wholesome trip full of joyous adventures around this awe inspiring place in nature. We all look forward to more trips to Joshua Tree in the future, especially for climbing!

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