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Our Staff

These rad people are the cogs that make the club tick!

This club is 100% run by volunteer staff who are dedicated to getting our members stoked, whether that means running office hours, taking care of gear or leading super sick trips!. 
If you are interested in becoming a staffer yourself, scroll to the bottom of this page! 

Please DO NOT contact anyone with solicitations or items not related to The Excursion Club.

Board Members



Avid proponent of rock shenanigans and general water hooliganry. Fueled by Laura Scudder's nutty peanut butter and dirt.



General Board

I'm Lucian i'm from San Francisco I like surfing, climbing and have been getting into diving. I was a surf instructor through highschool and worked at an outdoor summer camp in Stanislaus NF.

Anya Tyagarajan

Anya Tyagarajan


HIII IM ANYA :) I mega love the outdoors and in my expert opinion mustard is an elite condiment, I will also turn everything into a joke or my brain will grow mold

Here is a fun fact I was supposed to be aborted but evidently I’m still here

In conclusion: join excursion

Katie Kendall

Katie Kendall

General Board

Hey Yo! My name’s Katie, I’m from Colorado and love the outdoors. In my opinion there’s nothing better than a nice backpacking trip with late nights sleeping under the stars. I love meeting new people and having fun crazy adventures. Let’s see where the trail takes us.

Talia Schreiber

Talia Schreiber

General Board

Hola!!! Wanna go backpacking through a treacherous snowstorm? Down. Camping literally anywhere? Down. Hot spring soak and rave? Down down down. Sending it on the waves and making a complete fool of myself? I’M DOWN!!! //

Staff Members

Alex Roginski

Hey what's up! My name's Alex and I love leading trips in the outdoors! My favorites are paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking. I also coordinate the club's volunteering opportunities. You can contact me at!

Connor Byrne

Connor is my name and sending it is my game. I may or may not be the first person to walk up San Rafael peak on my hands while continuously hackysacking. If you want to get in touch with me send me some pringles and an email

Camille Browder

hellooooo i’m camille and i am from the rainy state of washington which means i will be outside every time the sun peeks through the clouds
ps i can do backflips off
1. cliffs
2. bridges
3. skis
4. paddle boards
5. diving boards
6. almost snowboards


My name means moon, which pretty much explains everything you need to know about me. My thighs eat up the trails I walk (nom nom) - catch me if you can you sexy fools. I love raw cauliflower, but beer battered is way better and the sriracha mayo really highlights the dish (I have a cooking website, ya’ll should check it out). Words used to describe me by my fellow staffers: ball of energy, “she talks a lot,” spunky, confident. If you see me on the streets (yes, any streets) say hi :)

Genelise Hazen

Sup fools, I am Genelise (69 inches tall thanks for asking) and I really like lines of powder. Snow that is. Get your head out of the gutter. I’m not a beach girl, too much sand. The slopes are where I reside. Sometimes that means skiing down some rad runs, sometimes that means licking it. Really depends on my mood. If you haven’t partied it up in Mammoth with DJ Wildcat, ur a goof. Hit my line and let's send it.

Caitlin Siggins

Hey y’all, I’m Caitlin and my hobbies include hugging trees, backpacking, trail running, insurance fraud and paddle boarding

For all business and sendy inquiries:

Sean Crommelin

I like backpacking! I like trees! I like being sweaty!

Sonya Adler

Hello I’m Sonya! I love to surf and hike and backpack and do lots of other things outside! I’m super cool and awesome! Everyone thinks my sandwiches are really dank. I work on Wednesdays at pickles n Swiss Goleta ;)

Angelica Byrd

Hi! I am Angelica Byrd! I am a professional dancer. Email my agent for any inquiries:
(I also loooove hiking, paddle boarding, and recently developed a yoga obsession. Hmu with hike recommendations!!

Marisha Karpinska

not strong like man strong like fight bears in the forest strong

Alec Buetow

I think my accomplishments speak louder than words:
-Trad Dad
-Metro League Dive Champion
-Never kicked out of girl scouts
-Certified to Stop Drop and Roll
-Recognized on the streets as Alec from Mountain Project

Owen Convery

Hey members!!!! It's Owen here. I'd like to officially welcome you to this awesome group of people we call Excursion Club. Our mission as a club is to get Isla Vista outdoors and active. As a part of staff, I love to contribute to that goal by leading various trips such as SUP'ing, day hikes, and taco nights as well as overnight backpacking trips! As a new (or soon to be) member, I encourage you to go on as many trips as possible. I remember my first overnight like it was yesterday. We drove to [redacted], hiked 5 miles into camp, and then [redacted] before we [redacted] the park ranger! We closed out the trip by [redacted] under the stars as Garret played the lyre. That is one weekend I will never forget :)

Diana Di Ciaccio

Helloo lovely peeps! My name is Diana Di Ciaccio and I’m a second year biopsych major. I like skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, and absolute senders! I love this club and the friends I’ve made though it. I’ve learned there’s nothing better then a weekend outside of IV under the stars in the California wilderness <3

Josh Lunsford

Hey! I’m as 3rd year biology major and Spanish minor! I love surfing, hiking, and camping and I’m always down to go on a new adventure! Im from right here in the 805 so I love leading trips to my favorite local spots! Hit me up with trip ideas you’d like to go on or if you’re down to hang out I love making new friends! My emails

Kamille Kazarian

Heya! I’m Kamille :) Catch me vibin on a sunrise SUP, failing miserably at surfing, and jumping off of bridges. I also enjoy a good ol jaunt up some mountains or into the valleys for hiking or backpacking, usually with a camera in hand. I’m down for any adventure and I love to plan shiz, so find me at 🤙🏼

Jo Evers

I’m Jo and I love to do sick shit in the water.

Mallory Smith

Hi everyone! I'm Mallory. When I'm not roller skating around IV or tearing it up at the rink I enjoy surfing, paddleboarding, backpacking, and meeting sick new members! Hit me up if you have any questions or would like to challenge my skating prowess!! My email is

Kieran Swenson

Likes: backpacking, snowboarding, events where people are forced to listen to me sing
Dislikes: poison oak, google photos albums, 80’s workout themed parties
Can’t: swim
Won’t: remember to buy vegetarian protein options for a trip

Feel free to contact me at with any questions/comments/trip ideas etc.

Nathalie Bonnet

Being spawned in a cauldron by the mountain witches of Colorado, I love the earth and all of her beauty and am always down to promenade through the woods, traverse the foggy morning ocean on a paddleboard, or to conduct a moonlit seance. Any inquiries about joining my coven can be sent to

Katie Murphy-Quinn

hey guys what’s up! my name’s katie & i stand out from the crowd because i’m always neon pink from being sunburned. yall are always welcome to come get violently sunburned with me while sending it outdoors 😎


Hey what’s up I’m Simone. Some fun facts about me:
-I can surf with a beer in one hand
-One time I got the brain eating amoeba (it starved to death)
-I can’t climb 5.12d
-I know almost all the words to the hit song trying your luck by the strokes
-Proud frequent sayer of “AND SHE’S HOT”
-I got kicked out of Girl Scouts
-You can email me at

Joseph Gordis


What up I’m Jane, part time mermaid, full time staffer! Your favorite east coaster sending it every possible way on the west. Y’all will see me on every terrain: water, snow, and land!. If ya wanna vibe on the beach, shred the slopes, or hike up to the peaks of mountains let me know! It’ll be pure chaos and wicked fun!

Brandon Farrow

Professional tree climber, sock-wrestling connoisseur, and appreciator of the great outdoors! Feel free to contact me anytime at if you want to plan a trip, or if you have any questions!

Ryan Leake

Ava Toomey-Cordeiro

Big fan of getting grimy in the woods, salty in the ocean, and Love Island UK.

"There's always gonna be another mountain, I'm always gonna wanna make it move"

Emilie Difede

Hi I’m Emilie! I love climbing trees, backpacking, surfing, trail running, hiking, backpacking, playing ultimate frisbee, swimming in oceans and rivers, peeing in bushes, and exploring new places!! So excited to go on awesome adventures with you all!
Email me at

Prospective Staff Members

Cavan Leonardo

Big fan of flying through the air in any way possible. Also really enjoy doing the things with boards on your feet but have an tendency to get hurt
List of injuries:
-Shoulders torn in half (2)
-Ribs curving the wrong way (2)
-Wrists gettin snappy on me (6X)
-Knee bending back like a bird (1)
-Ankles folding to the left (5X)
-Ankles folding to the right (2X)
-Leg go snappy snap (2X)
-Surgery (2x)
-Stitches (A LOT)

Ally Batra

Expert at smiles and laughs. Intermediate hiker and runner. Beginner surfer. Here to lead you though life inside your mind and outside in the wilderness. What makes me special as a prospective staffer is that I’ve done cpr in real life. It didn’t end well

Jerry Jin

You know what they will say ?

Angelica Meade

My whole name consists of two flowers, a tree, and the honey wine drink mead (with an extra "e" for funsies), so I guess you could say I'm one with nature. Things I like: WATER (I.e: surfing, kayaking, rafting, and watermelon) plus backpacking and hiking. Pro-tip:moonlight turns an adventure into an ADVENTURE. See ya out there ;)


Naiya Anderson

Howdy, my name is Naiya and I’m a first year student! I love being weird outdoors more than I do in them. My many joys in life consist of hiking, camping, eating, being terrible at surfing, road-tripping, and laying in the grass face down. Email me (don’t email me) at

Christopher Karl Evans LaBorde

What’s up farteroonis, My names Christopher LaBorde. Camping, backpacking, spearfishing, motorcycles, and brown paper packages tied up with string are just a few of my favorite things. I love backpacking so much , one day I hiked 1,800 miles from Mexico to Oregon through California’s mountains on the Pacific Crest Trail. They called me WindBreaker back then, but that’s another story… Anyway, Im here to ride the wind, send big safely, and have a blast while doing it. So Join the club, don’t be shy, and let’s go climb some mountains.

Jada Alexander

Heyooo! My name is Jada Alexander. I am a 2nd year environmental studies major at UCSB. I teach environmental education at IV elementary, am a lifeguard, and a surf coach. I love to surf, do yoga, run, backpack, rock climb, snowboard, and do the occasional triathlon. I’d say pretty much anything outdoors is fair game. My email is

Dalton Beeler

A honkin tonkin rootin tootin heck of a little big man. Hi there! I’m Dalton! I like your face! (probably) I’m a little photographer man that likes to go surfing, backpacking, and falling off rocks in his free time. Always down for something way too far out of my comfort zone.

MC Reali

sometimes you gotta chuck it in the fuck it bucket and live a little. if you see me please call me mommy. email me anytime you need a pick me up…

Angel Schneider-Reuter

Hiii my delightful little dandelions! my name is Angel. From Big Sur camping to bungee jumping to local hikes with my plant identification book I like to cure my anxiety with the great outdoors. If you wanna get in a deep talk or make some art in nature im your nugget:)

Sophia Glover

Hey y'all!!! I love backpacking, hiking, all things water related (especially hot springs), jumping off of rocks and skiing! I also love pickles!!! YEEHAWWW

Email me with any trip ideas :)

Ewa Cook

howdy sexies!! my name is ewa (eh•vuh). i absolutely LOVE the ocean and any activity that happens in it. fun fact: just like dory from finding nemo, i speak whale (ask me and you shall recieve). i also fondly appreciate dirt..let's go hiking, camping, or just stand barefoot and let the dawgs breathe.

Georgia Tomasik

Always looking for adventures that make my parents both proud and nervous. I wanna get GRITTY

Interests include (but are not limited to): anything in, on top of, or near a body of water.

“Ain’t about how fast I get there, aint about what’s waiting on the other side.” -Miley Cyrus

Helana Devine

Hello! I’m Helana

I love the ocean & mountains & everything in between. I especially love hiking and exploring the Santa Barbara mountains and walking my dog. I most love doing these things surrounded by great people!!!

Lucian Parisi

Howdy! I’m a San Franciscan composer, yoga and surf enthusiast, and sexy mustache haver. Will get real dirty outside if u bring good snacks. If you’d like to frolic in the forrest and record some weird tunes, hit my line

Maddy Wald

salutations beautiful people!!! My names Maddy Wald and I <3 excursion club and all things involving water sports and having a grand ole time with your pals in the outdoors. my favorite animal is a red lipped baitfish they’re so weird if you want to see a pic my email is


I’m the guy with the orange mustang

Zoe Crews

lets roll down a hill and eat some trail mix. whats in ur mix? lmk @

Cooper Honeywell

What's good ya'll, My name's Cooper, arguably the sexiest, funniest, smartest, and prettiest staffer in the club. I do practically anything outdoors, from backcountry skiing, surfing, climbing, mountain biking and freediving. If anyone has any questions regarding those or the Eastern Sierra area, hmu!

Hailey Springer

I am a first year pre bio major, and I would love to talk to anybody about anything basically all the time. Some of my favorite activities are scuba diving, going on hikes, painting at sunset, and doing it with rad people! I also love to take photos of all those things and want to document more excursion trips. My email is, feel free to reach out!

Staffer Emeriti

Quartknee Quarrelsome

This club is deadass the reason I came to UCSB back in 2017 and continues to be the reason so can’t leave after graduating! Im so thankful for the many opportunities and friends it provided me.

How to Join Staff

Being a staffer is an experience unlike any other. Not only does it feel incredible to lead awesome trips, but you will also be welcomed into a community of outdoor enthusiasts with open arms while gaining valuable leadership experience. To make sure you're a good fit though, we ask that you tell us about yourself first (see questions below), and after we've approved your application, you'll become a prospective staff member. This means you'll attend our staff meetings, help out on other staffers' trips, and see what we're all about before you take the plunge to full staff.

  1. Are you already a member of the club? For how long? What sort of trips have you gone on?

  2. What year are you?

  3. What previous outdoor leadership experience do you possess if any? (no worries if you don't)

  4. What sort of trips are you interested in leading?

  5. Regarding those activities, do you feel confident in your ability to teach others how to do them safely and effectively?

  6. Have you ever found yourself in an intense or emergency situation in the outdoors, and if so, how did you handle it?

  7. If needed, are you willing to volunteer your time for other activities including but not limited to, party planning, large trip planning, office hours, member sign up, tabling, and staff meetings?

  8. Give us 3 staffers who are willing to vouch for you.

  9. The most important question: how stoked are you to join staff?


You can copy and paste these questions into an email addressed to, or you can answer them in some other creative form, and then email that application to

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