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These rad people are the cogs that make the club tick!

This club is 100% run by volunteer staff who are dedicated to getting out members stoked, whether that means running office hours, taking care of gear or leading super sick trips!. 


If you are interested in becoming a staffer yourself, scroll to the bottom of this page! 

Please DO NOT contact anyone with solicitations or items not related to The Excursion Club.

Board Members
Sylvan Ludewigt
Executive Director

Kayak STL, Co-Snow STL

Hi, I am Sylvan. I am kind, gentle, and tall, similar to the BFG (Big Friendly Giant, classic).

I L.O.V.E. kayaks and skis. Only the objects, not the act...Duh (TM).

"This little piggy went to market...wee wee wee all the way home".

Email me if you want to admire my height, kayaks, or skis.

Milly Chi

Howdy, my name's Milly and I like to get wet and wild!

Other things I enjoy: snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, sunrises, mashed potatoes, and dropping in.

"Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride." - Anthony Bourdain

Zana Balarin
Studies (done by me) have shown (in my opinion) that food tastes best right after you exit a body of water and are still in a wet swim suit.

"Are you silly? I'm still gonna send it"- Denim Danger

Garret  Galea



David Twohig
Greetings and salutations! I'm Tor but also Pond Scum and my passions include but are not limited to: backpacking, climbing, kayaking, photography, debaucherous merrymaking, biking, Lord of the Rings, snowboarding, and making spaceship noises.

"If you think about it, we're really all just skeletons driving meat suits."
Andrew Scoffone
Sasha Smith
What's up everybody!
My name is Sasha Smith and I'm a 4th year child. As a student, I spend most of my time doing things that scare my and your parents. Hit me up if you want to get weird outside! Interests: Rock observation, web surfing, and high level topology. "It's not an adventure until I shit my pants." -Bryson Smith
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Staff Members
Abe Schulte
Archery STL, Cathedral Peak God

I'm Abe, a fourth year math PhD student. After four years in Chicago for my bachelor's degree, I decided the cold wasn't for me. So, I came to Santa Barbara and have been loving every minute of it! Some of my favorite things to do are skydiving, archery, and hiking Cathedral Peak!

"Abe is just bae spelled wrong." - Abe Schulte

Alec Means
Things I like: running, hiking, boxing, road trips, and jumping out of airplanes (parachute recommended).

"I'm not afraid to look like an idiot." - Anthony Bourdain
Andrew Scoffone
Backpacking STL

I'm Andrew and I get $toked on skiing in the mountains, rappelling through sick-nasty canyons in the desert, and getting in the great big ocean. I also like fried food, Parks and Rec and the Grand Canyon.

"It's a magical world Hobbes ol' buddy...Let's go exploring!" - Calvin

Benton Miller
Hey it's Benton, the true mastermind behind the bento box. Catch me surfing, climbing, and backpacking! Also hit me up for help with physics homework.

"All generalizations are false, including this one." - Mark Twain

Bettie Coy
Co-Camping STL

Things I like: skiing, climbing, backpacking, scuba diving, surfing, and my rats Snarfie and Soufflé.

You can probably find me taking a snooze on the beach or eating a tasty snack.


Cameron Dennis
Hey peeps, my name is Cameron and I love teaching yoga, backpacking, scuba diving, grooving, playing music, and talking to strangers. I am always down to grab a coffee and walk the beach.

Chris Hooks
So my name is Chris and I love climbing, cooking, hiking, and camping in that order! I'm pretty much down for anything and love pushing myself to new limits and trying new things (as long as it's reasonable). My main interest for trips is camping/hiking and outdoor climbing (with a huge emphasis on climbing). I'm always interested in teaching people stuff about cooking so lmk if your interested and I'd definitely be down to share what I know and maybe learn some more stuff from you guys!
Courtney Carlson
I’m Quartknee and I love doing it outdoors! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By “it” I include: hiking, surfing, camping, biking, running, skydiving, breathing, pooping... the list goes on!

Quote: “...One day you’ll look back on this [embarrassing] time fondly and even make something beautiful out of it”-Maury, the Hormone Monster
Email: courtneyc@excursionclibucsb.org
David Twohig
Hey I'm David and I enjoy backpacking, climbing, photography, music, 24 hour diners, biking, and constantly changing interests. For information on height, please see [Sylvan Ludewigt's bio]
Devon Rogers
Came to the Excursion Club to be an empowered outdoor woman empowered by other women. Turns out, the dudes are awesome, too! I mostly lead backpacking trips but I love to hammock on the bluffs with B-Coy and ski in Mammoth with Maya and Kim.

"What greater sound is there

than the sound

of nothing at all?"

- Devon Rogers, poet

Hello, my name is Ducky! I love swimming, watching birds, sitting at the crag, and cucumber slices. If you ever see me at the Oasis, come and give me a scratch behind the ears!
Evan McCormack
Hey guys I’m Evan, I love camping, hiking, messing around in the ocean, and obscure animal facts. Protect my fragile ego and come on my trips!

Ezra Ziegler

Of all the wonderful pastimes in the world, those that I enjoy most are hacking the sack, surfing, kayaking, camping, and consuming cheese.

"That rug really tied the room together, did it not?" - The Big Lebowsky

Giana Gurrera
Heyoooo I'm Giana. Ever need more room for activities? My favorite activities are skiing, camping, and splashing around the ocean. So come do those activists with me!

"The worlds big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark." - John Muir
Kyla Blazen
Catch me trail blazen'
Johnny Duston
Hello fellow adventurers!

I'm Johnny and I love adrenaline! Let's go mountain biking, shoot foam arrows at each other, fence, backpack, ski, and sailing...all at the same time!

"How can someone so smart be so stupid" - observer of my adventure shenanigans

Maya Mendonca
Head of Artistic Direction

Hey y'all!

I'm Maya, a 21st-century hillbilly girl whose favorite hobbies include: singing songs around campfires, running uphill, spending time in bat country, snowboarding, and general costumery.

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives." - Lemony Snicket

Mike Martin
Freediving STL

Hey folks, I'm a 3rd year Bio Major here at UCSB. I'm from Monterey and would preferably exclude myself to spearfishing and backpacking in Big Sur, although typically I can be found 2nd floor mountainside :/ Anyway, if you're looking to do some diving in SB or Norcal, shoot me an email!

Nicolas Paige
Hi, my name is Nicolas and I am very much into nature and going outdoors. Some of my interests include listening to live music, backpacking, surfing, and doing other spontaneous and fun things! If you spend too much time indoors in front of a screen, well then you're doing it wrong. I'm also a philosophy major so we can talk about life if you're into that sorta stuff.

Noah Congdon
I'm Nautical Noah and I invite you on my ark to explore the known universe around us! I like to backpack 'n' hike, full send, jam it, and of course get on dat water in any craft that will float me! Let me know where you wanna and we'll make it happen together! Game over! Get stoked!

Phoebe Rogers
Name's Phoebe, like the bird! I like big rocks and I love to ah-send them! Besides climbing goofery I also dig all things nature, stand-up paddle boarding, backpacking, weekly hiking, mountain biking, and sailing. I'm stoked to explore the wild and magnificent places we have access to on this beautiful planet!

"Love flowers best in openness and freedom" - Edward Abbey

Rhianna Haynie-Cion
Co-Camping STL

Hit me up for hiking, cliff jumping, and music!!

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness." - John Muir

Sam Warren
Hey gang!
Over the years I've found that skateboarding, rock climbing, and surfing are some of the many activities that tickle my fancy. What tickles yours?

"I'm getting a high ride, but the jorts aren't preventing me from doing what I need to do." - Dennis Reynolds

Sarah Bernard
Surf STL

Heyoo I'm Sarah/Berndawg/Bernie/Nard Dog.

Things I like to do outside: building sand castles, bombing hills on my rollerblades, long walks on the beach, surfing, skiing fresh pow at Mammoth.

"As soon as there was the first wave, right? There was the first surfer. All they needed was like, a piece of driftwood, a block of ice or something like that, and then they were off. And they were hooked, man." - Cody Maverick

Sarah Wells
I like dogs. Sometimes people.

Sasha Romanova
Co-Climbing STL

Heyo! I'm Sash. I like climbing, cooking, surfing, biking, and peanut butter banana sandwiches. Email me if you're down to clown!

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu

Sven Johnson
Hello friends, I am Sven. Yes, just like the reindeer from Frozen. I am nice and fun, and funny. F is for Friends and also for Fun.
I like plants. AND animals. I am a senior environmental studies major.

Likes: kayaking, camping, snorkeling, slacklining, finishing exams before everyone else, being taller than my brother.

Dislikes: running out of honey bunches of oats, being wrong.

"Age is something that doesn't matter. Unless you are cheese." - Luis Bunuel

Talia Stringfellow
Heyo I'm Talia !!! I love to surf, climb, paddle board, kayak, camp, backpack and generally be outside and in the water so hmu if you have some adventures you'd like me to lead you on! This is my senior year so let's make it count my lil stokaholics :)

Tor Coney
Greetings and salutations! I'm Tor and my passions include but are not limited to: backpacking, climbing, kayaking, photography, debaucherous merrymaking, biking, Lord of the Rings, snowboarding, and making spaceship noises.

"If you think about it, we're really all just skeletons driving meat suits."
Tyler Ramos
Some of my interests are hiking, kayaking, SUPping, long-boarding, skydiving and trying to surf. Basically all the things a typical SoCal student does. Hit me up if you'd like to do some water sport stuff with me sometime.

"The biggest sin in the world would be if I lost my love for the ocean." -Laird Hamilton

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Prospective Staff Members
Kabir Lubana
Hello! My name's Kabir and some of my outdoor interests include: walking uphill, walking downhill, rocks and bodies of water (all shapes and sizes) and capturing a moment or two of it in photos. I like to snowboard, surf, skate and do pretty much anything under the sun.
Mikayla Gordon
Hello, my name's Mikayla and I like to get stoked on the outdoors!
Some of my favorite outdoor adventures include hiking, anything involving a body of water and just being in the sunshine. Let's get stoked!!
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Staffer Emeriti
Kim Ultrich
Former Club Director Extraordinaire

Activities I'm into: rock climbing, backpacking, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, snowboarding and general shenanigans.

"If I’m gonna do something, it’s gonna be sick, and it’s gonna be so cool…" - Alex Honnold

Bryson Smith
Former Director

What's up everybody!

My name is Bryson and I’m 2nd year adult who graduated in 2017 with a double major in Philosophy and English. While I was a student I spent much of my time rock climbing and doing things that scare your parents. Now I do the same thing minus classes so hit me up if you want to get weird outside.
Interests: Rock/Aid Climbing, Surfing, Backpacking.

"It's not an adventure until something goes wrong." - Yvon Chounaird
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How to Join Staff

Being a staffer is an experience unlike any other. Not only does it feel incredible to lead awesome trips, but you will also be welcomed into a community of outdoor enthusiasts with open arms while gaining valuable leadership experience. To make sure your a good fit have that though, we do ask that you tell us about yourself first (see questions below), and after we've approved over your application, you'll become a prospective staff member. This means you'll be able to join our staff meetings, help out on other staffers' trips, and see what we're all about before you take the plunge to full staff.

  1. Are you already a member of the club? For how long? What sort of trips have you gone on?

  2. What previous outdoor leadership experience do you possess if any (no worries if you don't)?

  3. What sort of trips are you interested in leading?

  4. Regarding those activities, do you feel confident in your ability to teach others how to do them safely and effectively?

  5. Have you ever found yourself in an intense or emergency situation in the outdoors, and if so, how did you handle it?

  6. If needed, are you willing to volunteer your time for other activities including but not limited to, party planning, large trip planning, member sign up, flyering, and staff meetings?

  7. 3 staffers who are willing to vouch for you

  8. The most important question: how stoked are you to join staff


You can copy and paste these questions into an email addressed to info@excursionclubucsb.org, or you can answer them in some other creative form, and then email that application to info@excursionclubucsb.org. 

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Ezra Ziegler

Co-SUP STL Of all the wonderful pastimes in the world, those that I enjoy most are hacking the sack, surfing, kayaking, camping, and consuming cheese. "That rug really tied the room together, did it not?" - The Big Lebowsky Ezra@ExcursionClubUCSB.org